Liftroller® - smarter onsite logistics

In the construction industry, we face many HSE challenges daily. One of the most demanding is transporting heavy materials from ground level to the floor where they will be used. Today’s methods are tiring for personnel, time consuming and too often lead to injured people and damaged property. We decided to do something about these challenges. The solution is Liftroller®. The Liftroller® in-lift system creates a transport-path through a window of the floor where materials shall be used. A crane is used to lift material up to the Liftroller, in through the window opening and onto Liftwagon®.

Using Liftwagon®, the materials are then lowered onto supporting trestles. In this way, heavy objects can be transported quickly, easily and securely to the floor where they’ll be used without workers having to do any heavy lifting.

  1. 1. There's a lot of time used carrying materials. That means less time actually building. Add to that the crane unloading time, plus hire. Then it’s often necessary to work at night - increasing costs and bringing added safety risks.

  2. 2. Safety - heavy lifting takes its toll on workers, placing them at risk of injuries. Actions such as leaning out of a window to retrieve materials can be dangerous. Then there is the risk of dropped objects to those on the ground.

  3. 3. Money is tied up - because there is no good way to get interior materials to the desired floor after a building is closed, they are delivered at an early stage and stand inside, unused, for weeks - often in people’s way.

  4. 4. Damaged materials - with traditional methods, damage to the windowsill and surrounding area is common, and costly to repair. Building materials delivered long before they are actually used are often repeatedly moved and damaged.

Roald Nesse, who works for Norwegian construction firm Byggmester Markhus as a foreman, told industry news site BA: ‘Liftroller® provides greater flexibility when it comes to unloading, and more favourable logistics at the construction site. It is very handy and makes it easy to transport goods to the appropriate floor, which is not always so easy when concrete slabs are in place and exterior walls are assembled.’


'The product is very handy and makes it easy to transport the goods to the appropriate floor.'

Roald Nesse

Liftroller® - step by step

Place a trestle in the slot

In the middle of the Liftwagon® roller table, there is a slot for a trestle. When a trestle is placed there, it is ready to support the centre of your load when the time comes to lower the Liftwagon®.

Lift the materials by crane to the Liftroller®

The crane operator lifts load from ground level up to the Liftroller®. The work crew receiving the materials through the opening then help to centralise the load on the Liftroller® roller table.

Roll the load onto the waiting Liftwagon®

When the slings from the crane are slack and the load rests on Liftroller®, it can then be rolled onto the Liftwagon®. The crane straps are left lying between the rollers on the Liftroller®. The crane can then return to ground level to collect another load.

Last settes på gipsbukker

Last plasseres på gipsbukker på egnet sted, og vogn frigjøres til å hente neste last.

Neste pakke allerede klar

Innen man er tilbake til Liftroller ligger neste last og venter på å trilles inn. Raskt, sikkert og enkelt! En leveranse bestående av 8 kolli gips og 2 kolli stendere, levert med kranbil, vil være plassert i riktig etasje 3 ganger raskere og legger samtidig beslag på 66 % mindre av arbeidsstokken for å utføre denne operasjonen. Penger spart i alle ledd!!


Liftroller® - improve safety, save time, save money 

  • Improve safety
  • Save time
  • Free up capital - you don’t have to buy materials long before they’ll be used
  • Deliver materials to the right floor at the right time
  • Reduce the need to move materials several times before they’re used
  • Save personnel from heavy lifting
  • Avoid damaging window frames
  • Reduce crushing hazards
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Options in Liftroller® series

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Liftwagon® is a materials wagon designed to be used with the Liftroller®. Like Liftroller®, it features a number of aluminium parts that make it light but strong. It is easy to disassemble then reassemble. In this way, it can be carried up to the floor you want if using a lift is not an option. Large, puncture-free wheels, all of which can turn, make it easy to handle. A slot for a trestle in the middle of the wagon means that support is ready when it comes time to lower the materials. The Liftroller®’s small width means it can be steered through doorways. 

Lifting height: 450 - 1250mm

Maximum load: 1200 kg

Length x width: 2000m x 800mm

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