• No need for temporary accessway

With the Liftroller you simply use existing openings in the façade. On renovation projects you do not have to cut large openings or expand window apertures to get materials on site. Rebuilding walls is costly, and building control will often want to have a say.

On a new-build you can complete the façade and use one of the planned windows instead of leaving temporary accessways open till the last minute.


  • Cuts rigging costs

In some cases a combination of an outside construction lift and the Liftroller is the optimal solution. However, the Liftroller can replace the lift entirely in many cases, saving considerable sums. Rigging costs can be significant due to the amount of equipment involved from ground level to the top floor.


  • Lightweight, easy to assemble

The Liftroller is made from aluminium and is therefore both sturdy and light. It comprises 10 parts which on their own are easy to carry to the floor where they will be used. Assembly takes less than half an hour. In fact, it’s so simple that you do not have to hire an external technician. Our customers tell us that it takes them as little as 10 minutes to put it together once they’ve had some practice.


  • Easy to use

We have tried to keep things simple and robust. Roll the materials through the window, plain and simple.


  • Flexible – can be used in many different types of buildings

The system is adjustable in terms of wall thickness, ceiling height and window width. It can therefore be adapted for use in different buildings. Got an unusual building? We probably have a solution for that, too, so just get in touch!


  • Materials can be delivered the day they will be used

It has been common, especially on new-builds, to deliver as many of the materials as possible before sealing the external walls. This has several disadvantages. Firstly, you have to pay for the materials in advance, thereby tying up capital. Secondly, it means you’ll be cramped for space inside, making it an inefficient building site. Thirdly, it takes both time and money to keep moving materials that are in the way, and there is a big risk of damage and injury to the materials, personnel and building.


We have solved these challenges:

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