About us


Liftroller AS is an innovation company based in Bergen which works with other leading Norwegian designers and product developers to create new products to make life easier for construction workers.


Focus on efficiency

There have been a number of new digital solutions in recent years designed to streamline work processes on building sites. Yet when it comes to building site logistics and physical products time has almost stood still. The handling of materials still involves a considerable degree of manual work and time-consuming methods, which in turn lead to health issues and inefficient practices. We have set out to do something about this.


High quality every step of the way

A robust and well functioning product requires a good design with attention to the smallest of details. We are uncompromising in striving for quality every step of the way – from the design and product development phase to our highly qualified sales and service staff who look after our customers. We are working closely with Innovation Norway and have been awarded funding for many of our processes and products.


Good social economics by keeping people in work for longer

Collectively we have a broad professional background. Many of us come from the construction industry and have experienced heavy lifts, difficult access, limited rigging space and short deadlines first hand. Together with our customers and partners we are working to develop solutions that get the job done faster, easier and safer. Our vision is to reduce health problems resulting from lifting and to offer the fastest method in the market for transporting materials to and from building sites.


Got an idea?

Have you got an idea that can make life easier for construction workers? Get in touch with us, and we can realise your idea together!