Roll everything you need through the window

With the Liftroller you can roll anything from EUR pallets stacked with tiles, ventilation systems, kitchens, carpets, plasterboard, timber studs, doors and whatever else you need – on the same day that you’ll be using them. No longer do you have to fill the building before sealing the external walls on a new-build. Nor do you have to cut open the walls on refurb projects in order to bring the materials in. With the Liftroller you simply use the building’s existing openings. The Liftroller can carry loads up to 1,200 kg, as does the Liftwagon you roll the load onto once inside the building.



The Liftroller® is easy to carry up stairs as it is made predominantly from aluminium. It is also easy to assemble. Our customers report that it takes them 10–15 minutes to put it together once they’ve learned the technique. Since the Liftroller® is clamped onto the external wall and braced between the floor and ceiling, you do not need tools to assemble it, and it leaves no holes that must be repaired after removal. Since the Liftroller is neither a scaffolding structure nor a lifting device, customers are able to assemble it themselves. No particular approval of certified personnel is needed before putting it into use.


Available in several sizes

The Liftroller is adjustable in all directions in order to adapt it to different buildings. Our standard model can be used in openings with widths between 1,200 mm and 1,700 mm. We also have a smaller version which can be adjusted between 800 mm and 1,200 mm. Both models can be used with external walls up to 495 mm thick, including the window sill. For older brick buildings with very thick external walls we have created an extension kit for use with the standard Liftroller. With this kit you can use the Liftroller with external walls up to 810 mm thick. The maximum ceiling height for the standard Liftroller is 3,420 mm. However, we have an extension kit which allows you to use it with ceilings up to 4,600 mm high. Other sizes can be made to order. In other words, if you have a standard Liftroller, you can use it on a range of different projects!

Technical data
Minimum window width:1200 mm
Maximum window width1700mm
Minimum ceiling height:2390mm
Maximum ceiling height:3425mm
Minimum height roller table:915mm
Maximum height roller table: 1230mm
Total weight: 170kg
Max. load:1200kg

Using the Liftroller to move the boards into the building was incredibly efficient



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It’s an ace patent! Much faster than other solutions we tend to see. Lightning fast!



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