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A goods trolley tailor-made for use with the Liftroller Wall.

The Liftroller Wagon is a manual hydraulic goods trolley that can be raised to 125 cm above floor level. It also has rollers on its top frame to enable loads to be transferred over from the Liftroller Wall.

The Liftroller Wagon has brakes fitted to all the rollers, so that the load remains stable while moving. The roller frame has three slots for trestles, allowing you to choose a track depending on the size of the load before lowering the load onto the trestles.

The Liftroller Wagon turns on both its axles, making it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces.



With the help of the trestles the materials can be placed at the correct working height, and you do not have to bend over to pick them up. The materials can also be easily moved without having to lift them by hand.

Moving the materials off the floor helps keep the building clean. The Liftroller Wagon can easily be stopped by a single person by pressing the jack handle against the wheels.


Easy to dismantle and carry

The Liftroller Wagon is easy and quick to dismantle into four portable parts. No tools needed.

It can be carried to and from floors where cranes and other equipment won’t reach. The jack handle is easy to take off, making transportation straightforward.

The double action pump means the Liftroller Wagon can quickly be pumped to its desired height. Lifting height: 525–1250 mm. Max. load: 1200 kg.


NB! Other goods trolleys are designed to lift plasterboards off and onto trestles and therefore have insufficient lifting height to be combined with the Liftroller Wall.


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Technical data:
Minimum height roller table:   525mm
Maximum height roller table:  1255mm
Length roller table:1700mm
Length trolley without handle:  2019mm
Width:      800mm
Total weight:   230kg
Max. load:    1200kg