• Uninterrupted operation

The Liftroller is a mechanical device without electric motors, control panels or other contraptions that can snag or break. Our customers therefore find the Liftroller to be a far more reliable solution than equipment they have used in the past.


  • Faster delivery/removal

We have compared the Liftroller to other methods used in the construction industry to transport materials. The Liftroller is the most effective way of getting large volumes of materials into buildings with multiple storeys. The materials usually arrive by crane lorry in any case, so instead of temporarily storing them on the ground or hoisting them onto a goods trolley it is much quicker to move the materials directly from the back of the lorry straight through a window on the destination floor. The Liftroller can also be used to remove big bags of waste.


  • Less waiting

When using an outside construction lift you often have to wait your turn until the lift is free. That takes up unnecessary time. With the Liftroller the delivery will arrive on the designated floor in minutes, and those using the lift are not affected by the delivery – and vice versa.


  • Fewer workers needed to do the job

With the Liftroller two men can empty a lorry in no time. It saves time, especially when compared with putting all hands on deck to move the materials. The use of a construction lift requires at least three people to push the goods trolley up steep ramps. With the Liftroller steep ramps are a thing of the past.


  • Save time and money not having to apply to use the pavement

In narrow city streets you often have to apply and pay to use the pavement for an outside construction lift, rigging and interim storage of materials and waste. The Liftroller does not require an application. The crane lorry can easily hoist all the materials quickly and safely through a window. It can also hoist any waste out of the building and take it to a disposal centre.

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