The challenges involved in moving materials into a listed building meant that Stoltz Entreprenør had to take a new approach

The former botanical laboratory at Jahnebakken 5 has been converted into a centre for environmental and climate research. The entire exterior is listed, but inside a brand new layout was created to meet modern-day working environment standards for research and teaching.

Stoltz and its subcontractor Byggmester Markhus AS made good use of the Liftroller when transporting several tonnes of plasterboard.

“Using the Liftroller to move the boards into the building was incredibly efficient,” says Marius Kaland, chief health and safety officer at Byggmester Markhus.

“In many cases, especially on renovation jobs, it is often a challenge to get plasterboards to the floor where they will be used. It frequently involves a lot of carrying and heavy lifting.”

“With the Liftroller it was a doddle. We just rolled the packages through the window and pulled them over onto the wagon. The wagon was easy to handle even in confined spaces because all four wheels are turning. Being able to put the plasterboard straight onto the trestles with the wagon also saves a lot of manual handling.”

“We are always looking for solutions that make it easier to move materials into the buildings. We wanted to try out the Liftroller on this project, and it’s been a very good experience,” says project manager Gisle Clemetsen at Stoltz Entreprenør.

Using the Liftroller to move the boards into the building was incredibly efficient