• Reduced risk of injury and increased safety

Improvised methods for moving materials are common in our industry, sadly. Falling objects from batches that have been loosely lashed in order to be pulled through a window are a recurring problem. With the Liftroller you can hoist in the entire batch without splitting it up, thus eliminating the risk. The Liftroller is a tried, tested and approved solution that works every time.


  • Eliminates carrying and heavy lifting, makes work more enjoyable

Workers who spend entire days carrying materials become worn out and demotivated. With the Liftroller they won’t have to carry. Instead they can spend their working hours doing what they are good at. After all, they are experts at building, not lifting.


  • Significant reduction in both long-term and acute injuries

As mentioned previously, lifting and carrying is not fun. Sometimes things go wrong, and workers have to take time off sick, either as a result of acute back problems or worse: delayed effects which may require them to retrain or claim disability benefit as a result of their strain injuries. This is critical for the person concerned but also to the company, which loses key personnel that can be difficult to replace considering the knowledge they have of their craft. Thinking ahead and adopting the aids that are available is therefore a very good investment.

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