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Efficient construction site logistics – Save time and money

Hundreds of building projects in Norway, Sweden and Denmark have saved huge sums by making use of this solution from Liftroller®. Not only is it more effective and cheaper than other solutions, it also saves site workers from having to do heavy lifting. It means your business can make considerable savings in both the short and long term!



The most effective method on the market for transporting materials

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The Liftroller is intuitive and easy to both assemble and use

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Heavy lifting leads to costly sickness absence both in the short and long term. We’ve done something about it.

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Liftroller® – step by step

The trestle is placed in the slot

The Liftroller® lifting system creates a transport line through a window on the floor on which the materials will be used. The materials are lifted directly from the crane lorry onto the Liftroller before being pulled through the window opening.

The load being lifted onto the Liftroller

The crane operator hoists the load from ground level onto the Liftroller. Those receiving the load help centre the load in the middle of the rollers.

Load being rolled across the Liftwagon

When the slings on the crane slacken and the load has come to a rest on the Liftroller, unhook the slings and roll the load onto the Liftwagon. The rollers on the Liftwagon can be locked with a simple hand movement, leaving the load safe and secure. The crane can return to ground level to collect the next batch.

The load being placed on trestles

The load is placed on trestles in a suitable location.

Wagon has been cleared

The wagon has been cleared and is ready to accept the next batch.

The next batch is ready

The next batch is ready to be rolled onto the Liftwagon by the time you’ve returned to the Liftroller. Fast, easy and safe.


Using the Liftroller to move the boards into the building was incredibly efficient



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It’s an ace patent! Much faster than other solutions we tend to see. Lightning fast!



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Safer and faster with Liftroller
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