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Efficient construction site logistics

-save time, money and health

The Liftroller system comprises a range of products developed to solve logistical challenges on building sites. The system is used on building projects for faster, easier and safer transportation of materials into buildings.

Inntransport av materialer på Liftroller Wall på Kilen næringsbygg i Bergen

Construction site logistics has never been easier

Customers all over the world have saved significant amounts of money with the Liftroller® logistics solution. Not only is it more efficient and cheaper than other solutions, it also saves site workers having to do heavy lifting. This generates considerable savings for your company in both the short and long term.

Moving materials onto each floor does not have to be costly or time-consuming. Roll materials and equipment directly onto the floor quickly, easily and safely.

The products form a conveyor line of rollers between the outside and the inside of the building. With the Liftroller system installed on your building site, you can crane/transport the building materials directly onto each floor before rolling them to their final destination.

There are numerous benefits and savings to be had by using the Liftroller system on your building site. Here you can read more about estimated costs and savings on past building projects where Liftroller was used.


animert bilde av Liftroller Wall

Liftroller Wall is a mobile lifting platform with rollers which can be placed in apertures in the building to form a conveyor belt for transporting materials into and out of the respective floors. The solution is designed to simplify inbound and outbound transportation on construction sites and make it faster, easier and safer.

The Liftroller Floor is a lifting platform designed to ease inbound and outbound transportation of materials in buildings with floor-to-ceiling apertures.

The Liftroller Table is a table with rollers on its top frame designed to extend the conveyor line on the Liftroller Wall.

The Liftroller E Wagon is an electric goods trolley with remote control designed for easier and more efficient handling of materials on building sites.

The Liftroller Stacker is a high lift pallet jack with electric raise/lower motion for easier handling of materials on building sites.

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The Liftroller system allows you to roll materials, equipment and building waste to and from each floor without exposing your workers to heavy lifting. 

The system is suitable for large and small projects – both newbuilds and renovations.

See pictures from building projects using the Liftroller system to transport materials.


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Moving materials to and from each floor does not have to be costly or time-consuming.

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