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Liftroller Table – Table with rollers which extends the conveyor line into the building.

The Liftroller Table is a table with rollers on its top frame designed to extend the conveyor line on the Liftroller Wall. With an extended conveyor line you can roll materials further into the building before handling them manually. The tables are ideal for buildings with narrow passages where there is no room for a goods trolley.

The Liftroller Table comes with adjustable legs to match the height of the Liftroller Wall. The Wall model slopes towards the middle of the room to ensure that the load rolls inwards, not outwards. To ensure a smooth transition to the rollers on the Liftroller Table, the legs can be fine-tuned to create the desired incline.

A load stopper on the final table prevents the load from rolling off the extension tables. The tables easily connect to each other and can be extended indefinitely into the room. Each table can carry a load of up to 1,200 kg.

To Liftroller Table som er festet sammen
Liftroller Table med stopper

Key properties

  • Rollers on the top frame
  • Mechanism for connecting multiple tables
  • Adjustable legs to ensure correct height
  • Load stopper included for securing the load
  • Made from aluminium
  • Delivered as individual components
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • The components are easy to handle and move
  • Robust, can hold 1,200 kg

Technical spesifications

    Table 80 Table 110
Minimum height roller table [mm] 930 930
Maximum height roller table [mm] 1255 1225
Width roller table [mm] 800 800
Length roller table [mm] 800 1100
Tare weight total [kg] 47* 59*
Max. load capacity (WLL) [kg] 1200 1200

* Easily disassembled, no tools necessary, allowing for easy carrying in manageable parts

Liftroller Table render

Video of Liftroller Table

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