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Liftroller Stacker – a high lift pallet jack with electric raise/lower motion 

The Liftroller Stacker is a high lift pallet jack with electric raise/lower motion for easier handling of materials on building sites.

The Liftroller Stacker is a high lift pallet jack designed to simplify the transportation of materials from the lifting platforms Liftroller Wall and Liftroller Floor into the building. It is equipped with an electric raise/lower function for added efficiency. 

The Liftroller Stacker pallet jack can be used in conjunction with both the Liftroller Wall and the Liftroller Floor. 

It is built to easily shift packs of materials between the Liftroller Wall and floor level. From there you can use it to move the materials further into the building. 

The low build of the lifting tower means that it can also be wheeled through a window with the Liftroller Wall if there is no lift in the building.

Liftroller Stacker

With the Liftroller Floor you can use the Liftroller Stacker to move packs of materials further into the building. You can also use it to place the packs on trestles if you want them at correct working height.

The Liftroller Stacker is part of the Liftroller system, developed to improve efficiency on building sites and reduce strain on the operator. It is ideal for lifting big bags onto the Liftroller Wall for easy removal and craning of building waste. This helps keep the site clean and free from waste. The waste can be placed in big bags and removed when full. Many people choose to combine this with the crane lorry that delivers the materials to site as it utilises capacity on the return journey. You no longer need a skip at ground level taking up much needed rigging space.

The Liftroller Stacker has a lifting capacity of 1,000 kg and can be charged in a standard 230V socket.

Technical specification

Height including handle [mm] 1084
Length including handle [mm] 1690
Forks width [mm] 560
Total width [mm] 680
Minimum height tower [mm] 1040
Maximum height tower [mm] 1710
Minimum height forks [mm] 90
Maximum height forks [mm] 1300
Charging power [V] 110/230
Tare weight without forks [kg] 236
Tare weight with forks [kg] 290
Max weight load [kg] 1000

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