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Watch videos of the Liftroller system

The videos below show how different building sites used the Liftroller system for more efficient transportation of building materials.

Liftroller creats a better flow of the material handling at construction sites. Speed up deliveries and keep your workers safe by rolling materials and equipment into the building via the landing platform.

Safe building site with Liftroller

Lifting, loading and unloading operations pose some of the biggest health and safety risks in the industry. Well planned deliveries mean improved safety and more effective production.

Materials delivered by crane lorry

Pallets of building materials are rolled onto the Liftroller Wall. Delivery by Padøy Transport AS.

Assemble video - Liftroller Wall.

How to assemble the Liftroller Wall model.

Euro pallet trestles and brakes - Liftroller Wagon.

The instruction video shows how to position the trestles.

Liftroller production

Liftroller is manufactured by K. Lerøy Metallindustri AS. The factory is located on the island of Osterøy near Bergen.

Liftroller on the building site

Bunde Bygg used Liftroller on its building project.

Instruction video

The instruction video shows how to position the trestles to support long packs of building materials.

Liftroller makes your building site more efficient

Videos from several building sites using Liftroller to transport building materials.