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Head Office Norway

Liftroller AS
Leirvikåsen 45,

+47 415 85 100

Kart over verden

Rental: Key contacts

Rental division Norway

Alexander Lokøy kunderådgiver i Liftroller Rental AS

Alexander Lokøy
Sales Executive

+47 93 65 65 69

Rental division Denmark

Christian Liebenberg Kunderådgiver Liftroller Rental AS

Christian Liebenberg
Customer Advisor

+45 51 90 69 44

Rental division Sweden

Marcus Isaksson Kunderådgiver Liftroller Rental AS

Marcus Isaksson
Customer Advisor

+46 73 44 18 133

Head office

Ivar Ole Wik CEO / Founder Liftroller AS

Ivar Ole Wik
CEO/ Founder

+47 90 16 85 88

Bjarte Kvamme Managing Director i Liftroller Rental AS

Bjarte Kvamme
Managing Director

+47 90 22 22 88

Krzysztof Sledzki Production and Service Manager i Liftroller AS

Krzysztof Sledzki
Production and Service Manager

+47 96 88 89 39

Lena Kaasa Bråten Communications Manager i Liftroller AS

Lena Kaasa Bråten
Communications Manager

+47 95 93 82 86


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Moving materials to and from each floor does not have to be costly or time-consuming.

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