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Liftroller E Mover – Remote operated trolley

Liftroller E Mover is an electric material trolley with remote control and raise/lower function, which has been developed for more efficient and simple material handling on construction sites. The trolley is multi-flexible and user-friendly and is therefore well suited for the transport and movement of material and equipment internally in buildings.

Liftroller E Mover - Remote operated trolley

Remote-controlled transport wagon with the same flexibility as the original material wagon Liftroller E Wagon.

With the Liftroller E Mover, you can easily and efficiently move and place materials and equipment within the building. Ideal for both construction sites and production facilities.

This heavy duty self-propelled transport trolley can lift a load of 1200 kg as high as 1230 mm, and lever the load as low as 530 mm.

The high lifting range makes it ideal for a flexible working bench for better ergonomics.

The trolley turns on both axles, and unlike most other trolleys Liftroller E Mover is fitted with a remote control for easier handling when moving a loaded trolley. This is a particular advantage when shifting large packs of materials. Since the trolley is controlled remotely, there is no handle which can obstruct the load while turning.

The remote control can be operated with one hand.

The built-in safety function ensure that the trolley doesnt reach maximum travel speed until the table has been lowered to the minimum height.

Liftroller E Mover

Liftroller E Mover - Assembly and use

  • Remote controlled – Fun to drive
  • Extensive battery capacity
  • Lashing points for securing load
  • Integrated lifting points for crane or forklift
  • Slots for special trestles to lower the load on to
  • Very maneuverable – turn on both axles
  • Integrated foldable supports for easy lift on and off loads
  • Integrated charger for both wagon and remote control
  • Available with roller conveyor system on top
This video will show you in detail how to use the E Mover remote control

Technical specifications 

Minimum height trolley [mm] 530
Maximum height trolley [mm] 1230
Length of table [mm] 1700
Length of trolley [mm] 2110
Width of trolley [mm] 832
Charging unit [V] 230
Battery   24V 2×96 Ah
Engine [V] 24
Total weight [kg] 540
Max. weigth load (WLL) [kg] 1200
Speed [km/h] 0-6km/h

*110V available on request

Liftroller E Mover Render