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How much can you save by hiring a Liftroller system?

Are you aware of the actual cost of your building project? Well planned logistics means lower costs, improved efficiency and better flow on the building site. By using the Liftroller system you will make savings in terms of time, cost and health.

Flexible and efficient

The Liftroller system does not require rigging space at ground level and does therefore not come with the same limitations as a construction hoist, say. The Liftroller system can easily be moved when it is needed elsewhere in the building. Short distances between the point of entry and the materials’ final destination saves a lot of time compared to transporting them by hoist up several floors, and thereafter to another part of the building.

The length of the hoist limits the length of what materials that can be transported inside. The Liftroller system does not place any restrictions on the length of the items being transported in. Using Liftroller to move materials and building waste also leaves the hoists in the building free for other uses, which gives a more efficient building site. It also means you can make do with smaller construction hoists for personnel and small items only, thus saving you even more money. Rolls of carpet weighing 500 kg and measuring 5 meters in length pose no problem for the Liftroller system.

Prices and savings

The hire cost of the Liftroller system depends on which Liftroller products you need for your building project and how long for. For advice on the best solution for your particular project, please ask one of our customer advisers. They have extensive experience of different building projects and can give you a quote to suit your needs. Every building site comes with its unique logistical challenges. We have the products and the know-how to help you solve these challenges.


Here are a few examples to highlight the actual cost of handling materials and the savings you can achieve when using Liftroller.

Example #1

3 packs of steel studs, 1 pack of timber and 6 packs of plasterboard destined for the second floor of a shopping centre:

Without Liftroller:
All items carried by hand up the stairs to the second floor.
6 persons for 7.5 hours at NOK 500 per hour = NOK 22,500.

With Liftroller:
All items craned onto the Liftroller system through the window on the second floor and then moved on rollers to the desired destination.
2 people for 3 hours at NOK 500 per hour = NOK 3,000, including time spent assembling and dismantling the Liftroller.

Savings: The time spent moving the materials is significantly reduced when using the Liftroller system instead of carrying. 22,500 – 3,000 = 19,500 excl. VAT.
The project can be completed more quickly as the workers spend more time building than lifting. An added bonus is that the workers will be fit and ready to get on with the carpentry, not feeling tired or demotivated after the heavy lifting.

Talk to us about rental

Every building project is unique, and we can help you identify which products are best suited to your building site.