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Liftroller El Wagon – electric goods trolley with remote control.

The Liftroller El Wagon is an electric goods trolley with remote control designed for easier and more efficient handling of materials on building sites.

With the Liftroller El Wagon you can easily and efficiently move materials inside the building. Building materials are rolled into the building with the help of the Liftroller Wall and then onto the Liftroller El Wagon.

The goods trolley is fitted with a remote control for easier handling when moving a loaded trolley. This is a particular advantage when shifting large packs of materials. Since the trolley is controlled remotely, there is no handle which can obstruct the load while turning. The remote control can be operated with one hand.

The materials are lowered onto trestles, and the trolley is ready for the next load. The raise/lower function also makes it easy to adjust the height when using the Liftroller Wall to roll the materials into the building.

The rollers are equipped with a brake function to secure the load while the trolley is in motion. The built-in safety functions ensure that the trolley does not move until the locking mechanism on the rollers has been activated. Nor is it possible to reach maximum travel speed until the roller table has been lowered to the minimum height.

The goods trolley can carry loads of up to 1,200 kg.

Inntransport på Liftroller Wall og Liftroller El Wagon på byggeprosjektet Danske Bank i Københavnn
Fjernkontrollen som tilhører Liftroller El Wagon

Technical  spesifications

Minimum height trolley 530 mm
Maximum height trolley 1230 mm
Length roller table 1700 mm
Width roller table 786 mm
Lenght trolley 2098 mm
Width trolley 832 mm
Charging unit 230V/110V-50Hz
Battery 24V 2×96 Ah
Total weight 570 kg
Maximum load 1,200 kg
Speed 0-6km/h

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