Liftroller + Byggbranschens Säkerhetspark = true

We have reflected on Säkerhetsparken at Arlanda (Construction Industry Safety Park) and the idea of the place where people come together to learn, discuss, and reflect on their own and others’ behavior, attitudes, and safety at construction sites.

To shed more light on the topic, we had a conversation with Björne Karlsson, who manages the park. He graciously shared his insight with us, emphasizing the significane of a safety park

Byggbranchens Säkerhetspark in Arlanda

What is Byggbranschens Säkerhetspark?

Byggbranschens Säkerhetspark, located in Arlanda in Sweden, is a facility spanning 15,000m2 where individuals working in the construction process are given the opportunity to practice safety and reflect on behavior and attitudes in a group-setting. It aims to enhance understanding of how behavior influences decision-making on the workplace, both individually and as a group.

As you arrive at the site, you’ll notice an unfinished concrete building with two floors, purposefully designed to provide a hands-on learning environment. The building is equipped with various tools used in construction, and it is filled with equipment such as loading ramps, collective fall protection systems, scaffolding, carts, and other resources that enhance safety and efficiency on the job. Additionally, there are sections dedicated to scaffolding, formwork, a concrete pump truck, and even a tower crane, creating a realistic construction scenario.

Björne Karlsson. Picture borrowed from Byggbranschens Säkerhetspark
Björne Karlsson. Picture borrowed from Byggbranschens Säkerhetspark

Liftroller - Proud partner

The partnership between Liftroller and Byggbranschens Säkerhetspark is a natural fit. We were immediately drawn to Säkerhetsparken’s initiatives and their impressive
membership of 60 companies and collaborating with around 60-70 suppliers.

Reflecting on the essence of Säkerhetsparken, it deserves as a space where individuals from the construction industry come together to learn, discuss, and reflect on their behavior, attitudes, and safety practices at construction sites. We had the opportunity to sit down with Björne Karlsson, who manages the park, and he generously shared his insights and experiences with us. 

Who is Björne Karlsson?
I am a guy who grew up among mobile cranes. I have a professional background in heavy goods handling and mobile cranes, although I haven’t driven them myself. Later on, I  worked at Strängbetong and concrete prefabrication. I have also worked as a supplier in sales and collective fall protection before starting as the CEO of Byggbranschens Säkerhetspark in 2019. In my personal life, I am a football coach for a men’s team, so what we do at the safety park during the day often resembles what happens in the evenings when building teams and norms. I try to spend my free time on training, fishing, and taking care of my three boys who are 22, 18, and 16 years old. Time flies… 

Who is behind Säkerhetsparken and why does Swedish construction industry need Säkerhetsparken Arlanda?
Byggföretagen and the major construction companies in Sweden are behind Säkerhetsparken. In the preliminary study, it was determined that Arlanda was a good geographical location to accommodate people from all over Sweden. In the safety park, Ann-Sofie Sjö, Håckan Eskilsson, and Björne Karlsson work full-time.

What significance does Säkerhetsparken have for today’s students, who are also tomorrow’s skilled workers and professionals?

We educate in creating safer workplaces in harmony. We achieve this by reflecting and discussing various areas, ranging from how we start the day, greet everyone, to having rescue plans when working with harnesses on rooftops, which are not just documents but something we can actually perform. By creating discussions within groups in the same company. For schools and teachers, this becomes an improvement in conducting these discussions and discussing how the work environment is better within the school and at apprentice sites.

We would like to thank Björne for taking the time to answer our questions.

You can see the Liftroller at Säkerhetsparken near Arlanda. Please contact Björne to book your training. Email:

For more detailed information about Säkerhetsparken, you can visit their website here 

Pictures borrowed from Byggbranschens Säkerhetspark