We have been guests on the podcast “Prosjekteffekt PODDEN”

How can we improve construction site logistics? This is the topic of the podcast episode we are participating in, and we hope you enjoy listening to it. 

Ivar Ole Wik, Alexander Strand and Bjarte Kvamme.

How can we improve logistics on construction sites?

It is delightful to be invited to participate in a podcast with such a current and exciting topic as construction site logistics! The topic is undoubtedly a bullseye for us at Liftroller, who like to refer to ourselves as nerds in the field of construction site logistics.  

In the podcast, you can hear Ivar Ole Wik, Bjarte Kvamme, and podcast host Alexander Strand discuss the construction industry, logistics, efficiency, productivity, and planning. All three have extensive experience in project management and share their experiences while asking open questions to the industry.  

You can listen to this podcast episode wherever you like to listen to podcasts, or here: prosjekteffekt.no/podcast/ 

Prosjekteffekt PODDEN – A podcast about project management in the construction industry.

In the “Prosjekteffekt PODDEN” podcast, they explore the best theories and practices within the field of project management. They are passionate about developing the construction industry through good project management. In addition to sharing knowledge and highlighting exciting and important topics, they also get to know people in the construction industry better.