Liftroller in Paris

France is continuously renewing and refurbishing their country. We have learned to know that Paris is no exception for this effort and has multiple renewal projects going on. Especially the old buildings with up to 10 floors which we in Liftroller call typical “Liftroller buildings”

Photo: Liftroller customer
Photo: Liftroller customer

Liftroller Academy - A good start

A major French construction company has recently bought and taken into use the Liftroller system for a large ongoing refurbishment project in Paris.

As part of the Liftroller Start package, we in Liftroller offer the Liftroller Academy to our customers. Liftroller Academy shall ensure that the customer is swiftly up and running on the Liftroller system. This includes training and understanding on how to install, adapt and service the Liftroller products. This can be done both physically and digitally.

The onboarding for the French construction company included detailed hands-on training for installing the Liftroller Wall for fifteen representatives from the company. A few of the participants were even given extensive specialist training on how to assemble, adapt and dissemble the Liftroller system. First the Liftroller team installed one Liftroller Wall while they watched, the next one they participated on, and the next four they did on their own. Short time after the Liftroller team had left the construction site, we received this picture from them with the text “It`s not complicated at all”.

Every construction site is unique and is built in a different style with different details. The logistics to load in materials is often solved in different ways too.

Due to the age and shape of the building in Paris, we faced some challenges when we arrived. It appeared that Wall thickness and height beneath the windows differed from data earlier presented. Since Liftroller is supporting customer every day, we are used to adjust our products to the fit the actual site. So even if this project were a non-standard dimension, we were able to adapt Liftroller Wall to the various windows. By use of wooden beams and our flexible extensions to the Liftroller Wall models, the installation went smooth.

We see that France is an interesting market and we consider the market to have large potential for Liftroller products to make the logistics at construction site faster, easier and safer.

Our French distributor, named AS Manutention, fully support our ambitions towards the French market and they will serve this market for Liftroller. AS Manutention has purchased several of all various Liftroller products and is eager to start.